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Music News July 2017

Introducing Marion Fiedler

Marion Fiedler has gained notoriety as a singer, composer, and bandleader. She has been awarded numerous times for her works, and has received invitations to play at jazz festivals and concert halls across Europe and the United States. Her unique voice and growing repertoire of compositions continues to break boundaries, both literally and symbolically. While rooted in jazz, Marion’s music has branched out with a pop flair. She contributes this to her time spent in Music City, USA.
It was there that she perfected her songwriting craft. As an international student, studying jazz voice and composition at Belmont University, she found inspiration in the challenges she faced. Marion’s songs began to reflect her personal story of growth and learning “how to fly.” Her journey led to her forming her own “melting pot.” Marion adapted to the States’
progressiveness, while maintaining her European sensibility. Her latest project, “Can I Ride
in Your Backpack?
Marion Fiedler.com





In Fond Remembrance Of Chris Cornell

Growing up in Seattle, Washington Chris was an amazing musician, singer and songwriter. He performed in many different well-known bands such as Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and my favorite of all, Audioslave. He will be truly be missed in the music world by all of his fans as well as other musicians. The songs he wrote and performed will always remain in our hearts and they will play on forever. May he rest in peace.

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I’ll wait for you there
Like a stone
I’ll wait for you there

Music News April 2017


Steven Bates is one of the most hard working musicians I know. Growing up on the beautiful Mendocino Coast he started playing guitar at the age of 13 for school dances and and has been playing ever since. He has performed at many different venues such as Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, the Mendo Film Festival and many other venues throughout Northern California. The music Steven writes and performs is upbeat rock which makes it hard to sit in your seat once he starts playing. The night that we seen him perform at the North Coast Brewing Company he just happened to be playing with Jon Faurot on Bass Guitar and Ralph Humphrey on Drums.
He has an extensive resume of performing with many talented musicians that includes members of Van Morrison, Sons of Champlin, Frank Zappa and the Byrds, just to name a few.
One might not know who Steven will be performing with next from one day to another but one thing is for sure he will always be creating music, singing and playing his guitar with every bit of passion that comes straight from the heart. I highly recommend catching any one of his upcoming shows. For more information about Steven Bates you can find it here at stevenbatesmusic.com

Music news October 2016

An Awesome Interview with Claire on a Dare

Claire on a Dare is a band out of San Jose, California. While I was not able to make it to their show where they performed at in Fort Bragg, California I did get to speak with Carla who was their lead singer at the time and she gave me a CD of theirs. I really liked the music that I heard and Carla’s voice for me is reminiscent of Chrisse Hynde the lead singer from the band called, The Pretenders. Just like all bands though, nothing is written in stone and members either stay on or move on and Carla’s decision to part from Claire on a Dare was amicable. The remaining members which are Stephen Dix guitar and keyboards, Mark Olson Lead Guitar, Joseph Knight Bass, Leslie Shanrock Drums are looking forward to the return of their former lead singer, Raya Ghajar from their first album “The Wild , The Beautiful and The Damned.” Raya will be rejoining the band after a nearly 4 year absence.

Their first single As The World Burns is due out in the Spring of 2017 and a full length CD is due in October. I myself cannot wait to hear their new sound which is largely influenced by shoe-gaze, goth rock glam, post punk, psychedelic and blues.

We would like to thank Claire on a Dare for this interview and wish them the best in their exciting new future to come along with their special Tribute to David Bowie.

Music News September 2016

Every year in the lightly populated seaside town of Fort Bragg, CA a local family puts on a private party at their home with many rock bands from all over. The event has been named, “Cowapigloosa” and it promises to put on one hell of a show! This year among the line up of many bands was a all girl band named,” Moxy and the Influence.” The band consists of three teenagers and a 21 year old. Don’t be fooled by the age or the stature of these girls because they really pack a punch when it comes to hard rock! They all have extensive resumes in music and have performed at many different concerts with famous people that only most musicians can dream of. These girls bring a whole new meaning to hard rock! Check out their interview below with Dj X and also their new music video, “Stomp You Down.”


These gals bring a whole new meaning to hot babes. We had the pleasure of watching their fire Poi twirling show on the 4th of July at Sea pals in Fort Bragg, CA. They put the show for free and I was truly mesmerized by their talents with twirling these balls of fire to some awesome music. Not to mention, the physical strength a person must have in their arms to keep up this performance for hours. From what I understand they do this every year on the 4th of July at Sea Pals which is a nice little restaurant down in the harbor that is seated on the Pier. They sell mouth watering fish and chips or shrimp and chips along with burgers and other delightful foods. So next 4th of July grab a beer and some great grub from Sea Pals and let the Fire Poi Twirlers entertain you with their own version of live fireworks.


With so many things to do in Las Vegas it is hard to know just which place is the best when it comes to nightlife. One of my favorite spots to hang out is the XS Nightclub. Laid out in a beautiful setting at the Encore Resort, the club consists of an indoor area and an outdoor area that surrounds the pool under the desert sky. The XS Nightclub is a fun place and has a great line up of famous Dj’s. You can dance the night away inside the Club or outside near the pool. Certain evenings they offer nightswim. Make sure you check out their calendar of events and Dj’s.XS Club Event Calendar Our last time there we danced until 4 am to the music of David Guetta. Thanks David for such a damn good time! It was a blast! Avoid long lines and get your tickets ahead of time. You can purchase your tickets at wantickets.com. XS also has cabanas for rent and bottle service which means you can rent a table for your party group. The Club starts moving at 10 pm and usually Dj’s make their entrance around 1 am and stay until 4 am. So have fun and party safe.

New music news on 7/28/15

Had the pleasure of meeting the members of the Girl On Fire Band. These guys are amazing! Every song they play has such a professional sound that I am surprised they are not a household name by now. They do not hold back when it comes to playing their music and getting the crowd dancing non stop. Their new song, Reminds Me Of You, should surely reach the top of the charts along with all of their other music. If you do not know who this band is thenI suggest you educate yourself. Much all of their music is on Youtube and they are working at getting more music videos created. We also play their music right here on gravityradiox because when it comes to rock these guys know exactly what they are doing!

New music news on 7/04/15

When in Las Vegas check out the XS Nightclub at the Encore. I think for club-goers it’s a pretty good deal. The layout around the pool is nice and it looks very elegant at night. Some of the club-goers even went for a swim. We had the pleasure of seeing Dj Zedd whom put on a very nice show. Lot’s of great energy and fun! I did not want to stop jumping to the beats but had to catch a plane the next morning. We bought our tickets ahead of time online from Wantickets. Cabanas and tables must be reserved through another company. Just check online for the best deal available.

New music news on 10/28/14

Wondering what to do while in Las Vegas? Then wonder no more! Catch a heart pumping, feel good show at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip called Rock of Ages! This show has all superb actors, singers and dancers in it. It will make you laugh, sing and want to get up and dance! Great music from the 80’s. The story is set in L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip in 1987, Rock Of Ages is about Drew, a boy from South Detroit and Sherrie, a small-town girl, both end up in L.A. to chase their dreams of making it big and falling in love.

In my opinion it is the best show on the strip!

New music news on 08/14/14

It was a night to remember. The last night that Candlestick would ever hold another concert. The last night that Paul McCartney would ever perform there. It was also a celebration that the Beatles last performed at Candlestick park in August of 1966. I was never much of a Beatles Fan until I got invited to go to this concert. When my friend first asked me to go I declined. I later thought it over and decided since it was the end of an era for Candlestick park and the last of one of the Beatles to perform there that I would attend. The traffic was more than we bargained for. We left for the concert 2 hours early and found ourselves still stuck in traffic and wondering if we were ever going to make it to the concert at all. We parked the car at some point and caught a bus the rest of the way. Mr. McCartney was even nice enough to delay the concert so the people stuck in traffic would not miss the event. I was dying of thirst by the time we reach our destination. I grabbed a coke and we went inside. The place was absolutely packed and the music was playing. I have been to many concerts in my day but this one was truly different. I felt totally relaxed! The crowd had a really friendly vibe and when everyone sang along to the songs we actually knew the words. Not only the words but everyone seemed to know the melodies to the point of actually harmonizing together. It was strange. I have never been to a concert where the audience actually sounded good singing together. It was a night to remember and Paul did indeed keep his word when he said we would be closing Candlestick down in style. I am glad to have been a part of history and glad to have become a Beatle fan!